Overview of the HCG Diet

Toni Harrison M.D. at Incredible Health in the Phoenix area offers the HCG Diet her patients to help them lose unwanted weight. She works closely with her patients to customize the program to fit your needs and body chemistry.

What to Expect: An HCG + Detox Program Guide

Phase 1: Loading Days

  • The first two days of your HCG medical weight loss program will be your load days consisting of foods high in healthy fats. The focus is NOT on carbohydrates. This phase is just as important as the low-calorie phase as this fat consumption kick starts your metabolism of fat. A diet is provided for you so you know exactly what and how much to eat.
  • Take the HCG injections in the morning and evenings as directed.
  • Begin Day 1 of the Metabolic Rejuvenation Detox with one pill packet in the morning and one pill packet in the evening.

Phase 2: Weight Loss

  • On Day 3 you will begin following your individualized HCG low-calorie meal plan based upon your SECA body composition test Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) reading.
  • This phase lasts for Days 3-60 before going into the Maintenance Phase.
  • Take the HCG tablets in the morning and evenings as directed.
  • You will complete your 28 Day Metabolic Rejuvenation Detox during this phase of the program consisting of one pill packet in the morning and one pill packet in the evening. During Week 2 and Week 3 of detox, the packets will be labeled AM and PM.
  • At the completion of the detox, you will need to begin a vitamin and probiotic routine. Please see Incredible Health for correct recommendations.

Phase 3: Maintenance Month/Reverse Diet

  • A new SECA body composition test will be completed to establish your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) in order to calculate your daily caloric needs.
  • To successfully maintain the weight you lost during Phase 2 of this Medical Weight Loss Program, you need to remember to execute caution with this maintenance month to prevent any adverse rebound of weight.
  • Your new lifestyle nutrition plan will be explained during your scheduled visit to begin this phase.
  • For detailed meal planning, ask Incredible Health about their Wellness Coaching options.

What to Expect At Your Office Visits

First Visit

  • Initial Consultation and Enrollment
  • Review Labs
  • Perform EKG
  • Write Prescriptions for HCG
  • Complete SECA Body Composition Analysis
  • Complete Initial Body Measurements

Second Visit – Confirm Medication Has Been Received Prior to Visit

  • Review SECA Body Composition Analysis
  • Receive MIC/B12 + Vitamin D Injection
  • Receive HCG + Detox Program Materials

Follow-Up Visits (Weekly)

  • Weight and Body Measurement Monitoring
  • Nutritional and Exercise Counseling
  • MIC/B12 + Vitamin D Injection

Maintenance Plan Development

  • Complete SECA Body Composition Analysis
  • Complete Body Measurements
  • Maintenance Plan Development (Individualized Based on Results)

For those struggling to lose weight, it is usually a big challenge. You may think that you’ve exhausted all weight loss solutions, and that there is no more hope. But you are not alone, and Toni Harrison M.D. at Incredible Health will help you to find the right path for you. To learn more about how Dr. Harrison can help you achieve your weight loss goals with her customized HCG Diet Program, call Incredible Health in Phoenix today to schedule a free phone consultation!